Info & Links

Here are a few links that can help you get a clearer picture of what self-directed and democratic education is, and how it works.

  1. The Alliance for Self Directed Education ASDE
  2. The European Democratic Education Community EUDEC
  3. Sudbury Valley is the original fully self-directed fully democratic school in the USA, about to celebrate its 50th anniversary. You can like their facebook page HERE and read their blog HERE    A great introduction to Sudbury in less than 10 min can be viewed HERE   and a further 13 minutes HERE
  4. Summerhill is the original democratic school and directly inspired the founders of Sudbury Valley. It is fully democratic and partially self-directed, and in its 96th year.
  5. Kapriole has an excellent series of videos explaining specific aspects of Sudury education.
What other links can you suggest for this page?